The “etnoborda” is a place to discover the traditions and the manners of the land. From a typical construction in the area we have reinvented a house that allows a group of people dive into an unknown dimension.

The Project made entirely by Estudi Moline, from the funding to design and development, pretends to reinvent a high mountain tourism converting it into an experience based on culture and people.

The inner space (espai) covers 150 sqm split in two floors. The house is fully equipped with two bedrooms, two attic bedrooms, three bathrooms, two living rooms, a work area, kitchen and dining room. Outside, there are 190 sqm of garden with a small pool, a barbecue area, a porch, a terrace and two particular woods allocating a photovoltaic installation, the garden, a composting area and the rainwater collection system.

Along with the space, “etnoborda” offers the possibility to order a special food basket (cistelles) Depending on the season you will find a basket with organic products specifically chosen for you. Also, and in case you want to do something special, we offer a marketplace of activities (activitats) driven by local masters that will discover you some of the most interesting stories of the land.