Ethno Lab is a return to nature to learn, feel, and retrieve the lost harmony with the environment; are a series inspired by an urban character longs life in contact with nature and uses it to escape from the stress that produces the city projects. When you have the opportunity to enjoy country life in a playful and experimental way. He is interested in natural processes and integrates them; lives like a bird in a nest house, dressed as a peasant neo mixing tradition and modernity, with natural shadows that customizes your hunting clothes. And when he ends his days buried in a biodegradable urn containing the seed of a tree. A perception of the countryside as a stage of animal, plant and human life.

Ethno lab is also a collection of objects rescued from tradition, everyday, simple and anonymous types that are retrieved for a new function. The Catalan bag inspired by traditional scarf of making bundles, hot beret full of cherry pits that gets into the microwave to heat the bed, a chair artisan custom plastic wicker, salsa bottle, measuring cup … are apparently traditional objects with a strong artisan mark, but conceptually innovative.

Another series of products addresses the coexistence between the natural and artificial. It is our ancestral quest to dominate nature, our aggressiveness towards the middle is everywhere. But nature colonizes artificial, their ways are different and slow time. The romantic image of the ruins invaded by the forest shows that nature is very constant. This capability has led us to develop flooring and architectural coatings with textures and materials prepared for hosting this natural life; lichens, mosses and even small animals, in order to lessen the impact of the artificial into the natural environment. Nature is not only decorative but why the protagonist of his representation.










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