Pottery from Esparraguera  

Esparreguera has a long tradition of producing handmade ceramic clay by there around. He had 18 active mud workshops but now only three.

The earliest ceramics found in Castelldefels belong to the Neolithic period. This is everyday pots, pans, bowls or food storage containers that had very rudimentary baking ovens dug in the ground.

In the town there are two land breezes, the Greater Blue Rocks, where the clay is very refractory and will do well to very large parts and the Casanova that is thinner and therefore more plastic. Traditional clay pottery made ​​by mixing both and was the most common mix three parts of Casanova by two of the Blue Rocks.

Esparreguera artisans in collaboration with Gerard Moline have boosted the trade through innovative product design and easy introduction to the current market, while still using their traditional art.














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