Sheep wool Xisqueta  

In the Vall d’Àssua there about two thousand head of sheep Xisqueta, the native sheep of the Pyrenees declared endangered. The wool has become an item that you want to revive and modernize to promote the creation of new products that take advantage of techniques and materials from the local crafts.
Working with local artisans using traditional techniques and new applications using it as insulation constructions, allows a sustainable production advantage over the material.

Catalunya has a wide variety of soils and climates, in addition to the many cultural contributions made ​​throughout the centuries enjoyed throughout its territory of craft demonstrations of great relevance and representativeness. Craft activities which are specific and unique to different areas.
Oficis Singulars Craft is a project of the Generalitat de Catalunya Catalunya recognizing the identity of some trades that are unique to Catalunya, ie, unique crafts and products closely linked to population or demarcation of origin.
The Singulars Oficis de Catalunya are related to the territory, method and product. Depend on the geographical environment in which the extraction of raw materials, processing and preparation of the final product is made.

At present the following Oficis Singulars are recognized:
Alabaster Sarral / Ceramics of La Bisbal / Ceramics Black Quart Verdú i / Madera Quemada de Sant Hilari Sacalm / Pauma Terres de l’Ebre / Lace Arenys (ret-fi) and Bobbin Lace of Arboē / Sal de Cardona / The Vic and Igualada Leather / Xisqueta Sheep Wool, Wood and Basketry Pallars hazel.

The objectives of the project are Oficis Singulars:
Lost some trades that are unique / Find new languages ​​/ design new products / facilitate commercialization.























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