Tequila route  

The “Tourism and Handicrafts tequila Route” project was created with the goal of improving family economies of rural municipalities in the Ruta del Tequila (Mexico). With this overall objective, enterprises and institutions of Catalonia in collaboration with others in the area to develop, hope to encourage entrepreneurship in young women of the (most disadvantaged target groups in the economy) to create rural MSMEs, create business partnerships estates public and private and diversify traditional crafts, applying design concepts, current modernization and marketing.
From a preliminary inventory of tourist and craft activities in the territory, the terms on which we must act and we must foster activities that are identified. Thus, the geographic area involved in the project is Amatitán, Tequila and Magdalena, and the total number of participants is 61 (mostly women).

This work was developed and is being coordinated by the team of designers Estudi Moline, who work alongside local craftsmen.



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